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Shaanxi Hengfu Technology Economic & Trade Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Hengfu Technology Economic & Trade Co., Ltd which established in 2010 is a new type of enterprise established by the Ministry of Commerce and established in accordance with the modern enterprise system. It has independent import and export management rights and is involved in various fields of business. The company is headquartered in Xi'an, the ancient city.

The company is mainly engaged in the teaching and sales of science and education equipment, medical equipment, import and export trade agency business, environmental pollution source online monitoring project design and construction. The company has 8 departments and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the General Manager, Finance Department, Personnel Department, Science and Education Equipment Sales Department, Medical Device Sales Department, Import and Export Trade Department, Environmental Project Division and After-sales Service Department. ——Shaanxi Sinceretrump Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

The company's science and education instrument sales department and medical device sales department are composed of a group of energetic and active young people. The pragmatic style and excellent professional knowledge have won the favor and trust of excellent Chinese and foreign instruments and equipment manufacturers. The agency sales rights of many domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers provide professional pre-sale, sale and after-sales services for universities, research institutes and medical institutions. They have won praises from users and set a benchmark in the industry impression.

The Import and Export Trade Department of the company makes full use of its foreign trade professional advantages to provide foreign trade agency services for small and medium-sized import and export enterprises and universities. "Metic, thoughtful and efficient" is the purpose of the service of the Import and Export Trade Department. It focuses on escorting the trade of users and has the worries of foreign trade companies. The small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises served by our company have touched North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and are highly recognized by professionals in the industry.

Shaanxi Sinceretrump Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, relies on the unique environmental advantages and abundant agricultural and sideline resources in the southern Shaanxi region to carry out the production, processing and sales of agricultural and sideline products, relying on the rich foreign trade of the import and export trade division of the head office. Trade experience and mature customer channel resources have promoted the agricultural and sideline products of Hanzhong, Ankang and Shangluo to gradually step out of Shaanxi and go global.

The company's environmental project department provides consulting, design, construction and post-operation services for online pollution source monitoring projects for the Hanjiang River Basin pollution source enterprises with advanced environmental protection concepts and professional environmental protection knowledge, and truly provides one-stop turnkey projects for users. Now the business has covered Hanzhong and Ankang areas, serving more than ten pollution source enterprises, rich construction experience, efficient construction progress, and excellent construction quality. It has been recognized and praised by relevant environmental protection departments, and it has also established a green environment for our company. Gold signboard for our company. We sincerely look back at the past achievements of the company, and look forward to the future of the company with more confidence. Let us join hands and make progress together with customers to write a better tomorrow!


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