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Surftest can be used in the testing room of Japan Mitutoyo processing workshop, production site, etc. Surftest; Extreme (super surface roughness measuring instrument) SV-3000CNC / SV-M3000CNC178 series - CNC surface roughness measuring instrument Mitutoyo company adhering to continuous innovation Customers provide the concept of the latest technology experience. Therefore, the right to make changes to the technical specifications of the product is retained. Features: High-precision surface roughness measuring instrument for CNC measurement of surface roughness and profile. Each axis can drive up to 200mm / sec, enabling high-speed positioning to meet multi-contour / multi-piece measurement tasks. The model with a-axis allows continuous measurement of horizontal and inclined surfaces with an electric tilt detector. Models with a Y-axis table can be axially positioned through the Y-axis to extend the range of measurement tasks, such as multi-workpiece tasks. With the help of two options, q1 and q2, which are compatible with the computer numerical control model, the range of computer numerical control measurement applications is expanded; the tilting plane measurement can be performed by the two-axis synchronous control of the X1 axis and the Z2 axis direction; Anti-collision safety device, once the host collides with the workpiece or fixture, the detection component will automatically stop; equipped with an easy-to-operate remote control box: through the two joysticks, select the shaft to be operated, any movement can be realized, the upper end of the key The axial icons are easy to read and easy to operate; communicate with the data processing/analyzer via USB.


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