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Anton Paar filter point detectors benefit from non-contact infrared detection technology, the overall filter unit can be easily assembled, and has the same detection position in each test, which ensures high precision and repeatability. Start your test quickly: Callisto 100 selects the preset standard test method in the menu. If you want to customize the test program, you can define and store up to 90 separate user programs. A simple calibration procedure for temperature and vacuum improves test accuracy, which is a standard feature of the Callisto 100 when shipped from the factory. The larger color display provides real-time display of sample and cannula temperature and provides additional graphical information on the number of inhalations and reflows, allowing you to observe the temperature of the sample during the test. Easy to count, the Callisto 100 can store up to 1000 historical test results, while providing a statistical assessment of the test result min/max/average based on the test method. Callisto 100 provides a U disk universal connection, for example, it can output test results of Excel or PDF files, or connect to a barcode reader for sample identification. The Callisto 100 has the shortest standby time. Once you have the second integral filter unit ready and placed in the storage location behind the instrument, you can start the next test in seconds. In order to make the pipette cleaning as simple as possible, you can start the programmable automatic cleaning process with the push of a button. State-of-the-art Peltier component technology ensures excellent temperature uniformity in the cooling jacket. This parameter is the most critical and decisive for the correct determination of CFPP values. In addition, you can use the Callisto 100 for manual cloud point and pour point measurements.


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